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Tomas Bata – Bata Shoe Company - the Bata system in the Czech Republic and worldwide

By Z. Pokluda

Through his economic, social and public activities, Tomas Bata established himself not only in his home country but also abroad. The company he founded has expanded into many countries of the world. There are a number of publications on Tomas Bata’s personality and activities, on the activities of his colleagues and successors as well as on the vast range of activities of the Bata Shoe Company in the Czech lands and abroad. Hundreds of such books have been published in Czech and other languages, new titles are constantly emerging and all of them deal with the issues of industrial and business enterprise, management, advertising and communication, education, health care, architecture, urbanism and other topics. With regard to the increasing number of such publications, it seems essential to make it easier for those interested to find information in the works published so far. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the deepening of specialization has led to the creation of works aimed at particular topics lacking complex connections – wider, parallel activities of the Bata institutions ranging from enterprise to social, cultural and public activities. For easier access to information, we have developed a list of publications also including those books that contain coherent information (chapter) on the Bata topics.

Considering how extensive, multifarious and diverse the actvities of the Bata Shoe Company have been, we decided to divide the list into several sections. The largest section is Section One, which includes specialized and educational literature, journalistic books, and factual works in alphabetical order; it also contains memoirs providing a lot of facts within a given context. Section Two includes internal company printed work, which used to be issued in close connection with the company’s activities. Section Three includes textbooks of a similar kind. Titles in these two sections are classified according to the type of information provided. Section Four contains a specific group of annual reports and yearbooks, all of which are classified by the publishing house. Within the subsections, they are classified chronologically. Section Five provides an overview of catalogues for exhibitions, shows and expositions (graphic art, films, shoe museums, architecture and urbanism). Section Six includes conference and symposium proceedings classified by the date. The last section, Section Seven, contains books of fiction, poetry and dramas classified by the author in alphabetical order. One of the reasons to create individual sections was the necessity to respect specific features of the printed work and publications.

The list aims, among other things, to draw attention to a wide range of topics associated with the activities of the Bata Shoe Company (e.g. manufacturing and social activities, architecture, education, health care, artistic exhibitions, films, etc.). It also aims to present a wide range of publications including monographs, journalistic disputes, novels and dramas. Soon, more titles from foreign libraries will be added to the list and other titles from Czech institutions will continuously be added as well. Although the list has not been completed yet, it is available now for everybody who is interested in the Bata topics.

Abbreviations used:

  • Klečůvka Archives = Moravian Record Office in Brno – District Public Record Office Zlín
  • Regional Library = František Bartoš Regional Library, contributory organization
  • T. Bata Foundation = Thomas Bata Foundation
  • Museum Zlín = Museum of South Eastern Moravia in Zlín
  • Klečůvka Archives = Moravian Record Office in Brno – Zlín branch office
  • Gallery Zlín = Regional Art Gallery in Zlín

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